It’s “just” a word?


“Sure dear! Catch up with you later!”

I read the SMS message with a grimace and type out a reply.

“Ewww! Don’t call me ‘dear’! We barely even know each other!”

Beep-beep. His reply comes almost immediately.

“Why overreact? It’s just a common word and usage! Chill!”

Beep-Beep. Another message follows.

“Dear dear dear dear dear! Hahaha”


I roll my eyes, toss the phone onto the rumpled sheets of my hostel bed, pick up my light green melamine plate and steel glass and head down to the hostel mess for breakfast with my mind in a whirlwind of thoughts.

Why don’t people get it? No word is “just” a word!

Like for instance “dear”.

Deep in its bosom it holds such deep meaning and relevance. It’s so important a word that you need to earn it to be addressed as such.

You can’t call some random bloke or person ‘dear’!

Every single word is like that. Within its frame of letters is a galaxy of meaning, emotions and sensations that it wishes to convey or touch the reader’s heart with.

You can’t just hurl around words according to your whims and fancies!


Sigh… every one of them is so different and potent.

Choose a word. Any random word that comes to your mind.

Weigh its meaning in your heart, swirl it about in your mouth testing it’s feel, say it out loud and listen to the music every syllable of it creates on your ears…

You don’t call the selfie of your best friend ‘magnificent’ or a meal of French fries and burger ‘awe-inspiring’!

You cannot! There should be laws against such usages!

Every single word, be it written, spoken, sung, anything… has such power.

It’s that power of words that makes men walk into the face of death during war or make you cry when reading a book or make people fall in love or make you sing a song over and over again or make you buy a certain brand regularly… EVERYTHING!

EVERYTHING around you happens because of those little things called ‘words’ that we take for granted and misuse every single day!

Boy! What I wouldn’t give to someday become what they call, a Writer. The wizard to whose faintest touch Words prance weaving into existence magical worlds from thin air!

5 years (of writing “emerald backwaters”) and 8 months (of writing “experience nature at its best”) later…


““Surrender to its old world sights”- Can you rephrase this? Make it more fancy?  

The competition for XXXXX is very high. So we really need to deliver some top notch stuff.”

I stare at the email before me for 5 whole minutes.

There you go.

The world of social media content writing. Where pretty much everything is “awe-inspiring”, “magnificent” and “awesome”.





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