The Blessing Called Life! – Ten Things of Thankful -18

A bright November morning that started on the wrong note with no power in the house and all three of us running late for school and office.

A friend once told me that it is when you feel overwhelmed the most and when you feel that you’re on the verge of giving up that you should take a minute to yourself, sit down and count your blessings and the good things in life.

Yep, as I sit here at Sarath’s office quietly tapping away on my laptop waiting for it to become 12 pm so I can go pick up my daughter, I do feel a tee wee bit overwhelmed.

A lot has happened lately from my daughter starting school and a friend getting a PhD fellowship to colleagues getting new jobs.

SO here is my Ten Things of Thankful – 18


For me every day starts off early in the morning with getting breakfast and lunch ready before my daughter wakes up and then getting my daughter ready for school by 9am. Throw in the office work that needs to be completed too before I head out to drop her off at school. Once I drop her off, currently, I head over to Sarath’s office, sit in a corner finishing up my office work and then head over to pick her up and take her home, get her to nap, give my husband lunch, send him off back to office, feed my girl lunch as she mostly naps just for half an hour and then I settle down to deal with office work while simultaneously caring for a very naughty, very energetic 2.6year old.

This goes on till like 7pm in between which I have to get tea and evening food ready. Post 7pm its all about feeding my girl, bathing her, getting her ready for bed and putting her to sleep. Then I iron out the clothes for the next morning, clean up the house for like the umpteenth time deal with whatever Sarath needs and finally crawl into bed by 11pm to wake up again at 5 the next morning.

The only time I get to take a breather each day is in the mornings before anyone else has woken up. And those 15 minutes I get to sit down and slowly sip from a cup of piping hot green tea is when I usually either write my daily diary entry or read books.

But really, those 15 mins feel so good!

The quiet cold morning breeze on my freshly bathed, wet skin feels so soothing every single day. Add to it the way in which the warm tea goes down my throat warming me from within charging me up for the day….

Thank you for that bit of bliss every morning.

One of my dear friends from college has gotten herself a PhD fellowship after quite a bit of hassle. I am super happy for her and wish her the best! Thank you!

Quite a few colleagues have left their jobs with the agency I work for over the past many months. I know only two of them personally and both were very helpful to me when I joined up at the agency 9 months ago. The former left for health reasons while the latter is setting out in pursuit of his dreams in the world of cinema. That is in fact rather heartening and inspiring as it takes quite some courage to leave a secure job and set out into the uncertain future with just your dreams to guide you. May good luck, determination and hope be with him every step of the way and may he conquer his dreams.

Thank you coz it is when I see instances like this that I feel inspired enough not to give up on my dreams and settle for the ordinary but rather, to keep working at it irrespective of whether I get anywhere or not.

My daughter has settled into school and the new routine beautifully! I am so grateful that she was neither clingy nor unhappy to go to school as if she was either the transition would’ve been extremely painful for me as well. Thank you!

My office is definitely what’s next on the list coz it really is a huge blessing for me right now.

If it weren’t for the fact that my boss is letting me work from home as per my timing, I wouldn’t be able to keep working during this hectic phase of my life. A break would have meant catastrophic when it came to getting back on track with writing as far as I am concerned. Also, the client servicing team members with whom I interact with on a daily basis have been so so cooperative that I am at a loss for words.

Gratitude. Just gratitude. Thank you!

Another point to add to the list alongside the fact that am able to work from home is the fact that I get to work with copy writers who have been in the field from before I was even born. Getting my work reviewed by senior writers is something that’s helping me a great deal in improving my craft.

Thank you!

A chance encounter has put me in touch with one of my cousins. I haven’t known her like ever but we seem to share a lot in common and I do hope a good friendship blossoms between us. Her daughter too goes to the same school that mine does. We have kept in touch right from the first time our paths crossed and I do enjoy her company. I like to keep my circles small so it’s always a delight when I meet people I can relate to. Thank you!

Books. Years ago when a friend gifted me my first books I did not imagine I would one day have a bookshelf filled with the books I have always wished for. And really, access to the office library has given me exposure to quite a few good titles some of which I have been able to buy personal copies of. Thank you!

For the Man I am married to. The way he gives equal importance to his dreams as well as mine. The way he does his best to be supportive and kind when I need it most. For the times he barely even grumbles when he takes care of our baby while am busy at a meeting in office or finishing up work… You are amazing and not a day passes when I don’t thank God that I listened to my heart more than anything else when I chose you… Thank you…!

And last but far far far from the least, THANK YOU for the fact that am able to be a part of every bit of my daughters’ life.

Even the little things like packing her tiffin every morning and getting her ready, the way in which she runs up to me with that huge smile on her face every time I go to pick her from school, the delight with which she regales me with her school tales each day…

All of it is a passing phase. Before I know it she’ll be all grown up and settled into her own life. So right now, at this moment, hectic as my life may be, I am grateful for every bit of it. Every single bit.

Thank you!

And yeah as a bonus to the list, we’re thinking of changing homes! That’ll make it my 22nd shifting in 28 years! 😀

I was getting bored of this place any way! 😉


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