In Search of Silver Linings : Ten Things of Thankful – 19

The first few months of 2020 were filled with blessings yet in many ways were taxing emotionally. Right from the loss of a loved one to cancer and other rough patches it’s been a mess really.

Like they say, it’s when you feel like nothing’s going right in your life that you really need to sit up and take note of all those blessings you are taking for granted.

So, here we go… Ten Things of Thankful – 19.

chechiA loved one passed away. She lost her battle with cancer. She’d been shifted to Palliative care and was undergoing severe agony. Thank you as death was what she and her loved ones were praying for… It would have been cruel to let her live longer with such pain to bear.

May her soul rest in eternal peace and may her family be blessed with the strength they need to come to terms with her loss…

Another loved one has recovered well from a major surgery he had a while back. Thank you for that…

My dearest friend Linu is getting married!! He introduced me to his fiancée the other day and we hit it off immediately. I can’t wait to see them wed  and hope and pray that I will be able to attend their wedding. They make for such a delightful couple! Two beautiful human beings. He is one of my dearest friends. I can sense just how happy he is to have finally found his soul mate. It feels so good to see the two of them so so happy. Thank you!

My little girl is turning 3yrs old this month. Wow! Time flies so so fast! She’s the biggest blessing of my life and I can never ever say enough to express my gratitude in being blessed with such a lovely child.

Thank you!

bookA sir of mine has become a published novelist. His first novel has gotten published by Aleph and I am ever so happy for him! He had been struggling for so long and now, finally, he is super happy. Thank you!

Another of my friend’s wife sent me a surprise gift in the form of a book of poetry. It was rather sweet of her to not just remember me but to actually go to the extent of taking the trouble to actually send me the book that too with a little note inside. Thank you! I don’t even know if I deserve such good friends.

My parents have been going through a terrible patch for a while now and though I have not been able to be of actual use to them, I have been able to drop by and visit them a couple of times and help pep up their spirits a little. My little girl brings much joy to them every time we visit and seeing that makes me ever so happy. Thank You!

My husband is an incredible man for understanding just how much I wish to be with my parents during this time and in being compassionate enough to help me be there for them as far as possible in whichever way he can… Thank you…you are my everything…!

The senior writers at office are a mighty helpful lot and are rather supportive when it comes to clearing doubts or giving guidance on doing assignments. I never knew what it was like to work with senior writers before and so it is helping me along ever so much. Thank you…

As for work, this last month I got a new assignment which is more interesting than what I am usually assigned. I handed in the first part of it which got approved without much corrections. I am grateful for every bit of work that comes my way as it helps me to keep writing and honing my skills. Thank you!

I owe a lot to my boss on my first job. He was so good at making me better my own work with every assignment. He had a knack for finding errors in copy and knew perfectly well how to rub that in too in a fun sort of way. Once I got the hang of my job, I enjoyed the challenge of ensuring he never found any errors in my copy. Every time I submitted something to him I used to make sure I proofread it many times to ensure that he wouldn’t be able to find a single typo in my copy. It was so much fun working for him. I rather miss that actually. Assignments from him was something I looked forward to every single day during my 5yr stint at that company. In fact it was his assignments that taught me the most during my time there. Thank you for that habit has stuck with me and is becoming rather helpful to me on this job as well. Thank you sir..

Yep, there you go. Typing out this list has helped me clear the clutter in my head somewhat I guess… I like it that I can be ‘me’ in here. My little chunk of cyber space. A world of my own. So thank you for that too!

Lots going on globally too so please do stay safe folks!

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