A Prayer… : Ten Things of Thankful – 20

The concept of business growth .

The world is going through the toughest challenge it has seen in quite a while.

Covid-19 has invaded the world and not one person has been spared from the myriad ways in which it has impacted lives. The worst hit are the ones who have lost loved ones and the daily wage earners who have lost their means of livelihood owing to lockdowns and are struggling to get food for survival.

A salute to the healthcare workers and essential service workers around the globe for their selfless service in these trying times…

When faced with something beyond our control all one can do is to appeal to the heavens for a miracle.

I pray for each of you out there… loved ones, friends, acquaintances, strangers…. Everyone.

I hope and pray that we tide over this together and once the storm settles, I hope each of us help those around us heal in every way possible, help each other rebuild lost lives one little step at a time.

Ten Things of Thankful – 20

Thank you for the Samaritans out there who are doing their very best to feed the hundreds of thousands of people out on the streets hungry and penniless. It is your good hearts that keep our world going.

I am rather useless to the world around me at the moment for I am staying back at home selfishly protecting my own family and child.

Thank you for those wonderful people in the community who are out there showering compassion and love to their fellow beings in all ways possible. I see people offering to do grocery shopping for the elderly in the community, helping aged men and women who live alone get access to food, medicines and even a nice little chat over a phone call.

It is always the little things that make all the difference. It is wonderful to see how this catastrophe has only served to cement my conviction that there is goodness in every heart.

Thank you for the fact that this lockdown scenario is helping the Earth heal itself. Nature is healing, the air is cleaner, the birds sound happier, and the squirrels at ease.

Thank you, for this global disaster has suddenly opened all our eyes to what matters most in life.

I see my husband (who is just as awful at maintaining relationships as I am) ring up old school time friends and get calls from far and wide from people whom he had long forgotten, and feel happy. Happy to see him reconnect with friends and loved ones alike.

It is sad that such a huge disaster had to happen to make us pause from the hectic race called life and take a look around, but atleast we do now know that at the end of the day our loved ones and our home is what all of what we chase, is for.

Thanks to this lockdown situation we are in, my teacher has found the time he needs to get on with creating and conducting a Writer’s Workshop which has now become a boon to me. Thank you sir for that!

Thank you for the progress technology has made which enables us to connect with loved ones who are away from us. If it weren’t for technology I can only imagine how horrible it would’ve been to be sans any knowledge of whether dear ones are safe and sound or not.

On a different note, at times I feel sad that Whatsapp has killed so many phone calls.

Phone calls filled with warmth and affectionate regard to loved ones have now been reduced to damp ‘How are you?’ messages on Whatsapp. This is especially true for people like me who are awful at conversations and end up hiding behind typed words.

Trust is sacred. The foundation of any relationship. When the very people whom we trust and feel will stand up for us when we need them most lets us down, it’s not easy to forgive and forget. Least of all when you share the same blood.

Over the years I have developed this habit of adorning a protective shield that lets me become unfeeling and cold every time I feel betrayed or let down. Maybe a bit at a time my heart is growing harder, colder or is it stronger… I dunno.

But yeah the colder your heart is, the lesser pain you will feel. So Thank you, for every single one of the times I have been let down by dear loved ones. Every one of those stabs have made me stronger.

Yes, I lost the small freelance job I had thanks to covid-19 but thank you as life was getting rather hectic and this break sure feels good both to take stock of my life and get things into order and to get back to hobbies I had been forced to leave behind.

Besides, I have my family by my side, food on the table, a roof over my head and good health in all those whom I know. What more could I ask for to be grateful at this moment. I only pray that the day comes soon when everyone on Earth could feel just as safe.

My husband has been of incredible support to me always and especially lately. He voluntarily helps with the dishes, sweeping, mopping, childcare, everything. It feels so good physically and emotionally when household work is shared! Thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful little daughter we have been blessed with for thanks to her, there’s never a dull moment in our lives as her giggles and naughtiness fills every one of our days.

Thank you for that thing we call ‘Hope’. It is what keeps us going and what will help us rebuild our world post covid-19.

Praying for every one of you….. Stay safe…

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