Saunter with the Sublime – Agumbe

The rains sing a wild song in this quaint, verdant land. Walk barefoot on wet earth and grass. Breathe. Let your heartbeats soar with the roar of the winds. Close your eyes and let the raindrops cleanse away the chaos. Come to Agumbe, the land where jungles await you at your doorstep. Concept- Vedhika Sarath … Continue reading Saunter with the Sublime – Agumbe

A Tangle of Emotions

  (3.20pm on a pleasant, cool Wednesday.) "Amma I am going to school! Bye! I am going on my own to school! Bye Ammaaa..!" I look up from the cake batter I am making, turn around and stare open mouthed at my 2.5 year old daughter who is in the hall riding her tricycle in … Continue reading A Tangle of Emotions